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Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readMar 26, 2022

The cosmic order has crystallized our fate within our muscular system. In our muscular system lives the spirit crystallized for the physical plane, which without our apparent knowledge leads us everywhere, directing our coming and our going in accordance with our karma. ~ Rudolf Steiner

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I believe dreamtime is where our soul reveals itself most clearly and where we are at one with it most completely. The powerful gift that dreaming bestows upon us is an expanded sense of awareness opening up to us.

No matter what is going on in dreamland, all senses are awakened — alert and engaged a hundred percent. Allowing us to experience what potential and possibility we possess already. Dreamtime is me time — I, me, myself, mine — all of me.

Alive 100 percent — complete, whole, aligned, in harmony, at optimum. That is a gift beyond compare.

Just as our will is inwardly connected with the mechanism of our bones, our feelings are inwardly connected with our muscular system.

This muscular system is the symbolical expression of our feeling-system. In order that our muscles can be constructed as they are, permitting of expansion and contraction, so as in their turn to set the mechanism of the bones in motion — in order that this can come to pass, the whole planetary system is necessary.

We learn this when we find ourselves in our astral body. In our muscular system lives the whole planetary system, just as the whole cosmos lives in the mechanism of our bones. ~ April 9, 1914. GA 153

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