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Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readDec 18, 2020

All along the eastern seaboard we just had our first major snow storm of the season. Although it’s bright and sunny today, it still has not stopped snowing and the sixteen inches of snow is barely melted.

Let’s not forget that it’s still officially fall and not yet winter, making this sting even more. This first snow is magical and magnificent, even as we shovel white fluff off our sidewalks and driveways into high mounds at inconvenient corners.

Nature in all her glory, her pristine and crystalline brilliance blinding in today’s bright sunshine, lords it over all.

Sahasrara, crown chakra

Just like much of 2020, we’re not sure how to do this, how long it will take, or what lies beyond this change. For those who have the realization, all we know is we can no longer stay where we were. It feels that the amount of people who are hearing their soul calling has occurred at a much higher number in this pandemic.

One moment we’re going about in our lives and then — kaboom! Struck with the force on an “Aha!” our lives are forever changed. We question it, us and everything else. This new sensation explodes from within, turning us inside out, up ending all. Making us wonder what we are doing.

Breaking point or not, too often we insist on slugging through and ignoring this change. Are we prepared to shed the old and acquaint ourselves with the new, unfamiliar and untested? Or do we all too often remain judgmental, inflexible and too attached?

We’re not exactly built or prepared to trust openly or whole heartedly. Yet that is what it takes to achieve the change — step into the light and love with abandon and grace.

Becoming beings of love and light — homo illumined.

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