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As a foundation for lifelong learning, reflection builds confidence and fosters satisfaction in new skills — including metacognition skills that help learners observe and track their own growth. For reflection to be meaningful, it must be metacognitive, applicable, and shared with others.

New research is uncovering the power of the reflective mind to help us with lifelong learning. It seems that our reflective ability to think about our thinking, known as metacognition, can provide a boost in all sorts of situations, especially when acquiring knowledge and skills (Fleming, 2021a).

stack of stones

What are we attuned to? Are we in tune in our space and surroundings? What do we vibrate and resonate with? What frequency do we emit, omit, or submit?

In her March 2023 transmutation news, Sandra Ingerman discusses how we need to work from a high enough vibration to attain or achieve the best outcome. The work requires huge personal changes and massive global change. Yet when we are easily distracted and not working from the highest place we do not produce the best outcome either.

Not applying ourselves fully to what we commit to derails direction, displaces intent, and diffuses impact. No longer in tune, in harmony, or whole — it is no wonder we find ourselves scattered, fragmented, or misaligned.

a message from Sandra Ingerman

In an overcrowded, noisy, polluted world the challenge is essentially compounded. Making it more difficult and complicated to stay true to our nature organically. Remain clear and disciplined when faces with inconvenience and distraction.

This is a time of growth and growth comes in many forms. Keep working with our thoughts, our words, our daydreams, our intentions. The more we reflect on the frequency we are working from the easier we will be able to face what comes. That is a promise.

March 2023 Transmutation News: “Journey to Reflect on the Frequency We Are Working From”. In this equiniox video, Sandra Ingerman takes listeners to the Land of Dreams so that we can examine and receive input on the words we use and the daydreams we are creating from. We do this so that we can ultimately move into operating from a higher frequency to help heal ourselves and the planet.

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