Tara Mangalartha

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The Tara Mangalartha Mantra is a prayer to restore climate balance.

Oṃ tāre tuttāre ture

Maṅgalaṃ śrī mahā pāṇi svāhā

Translates as, “she who brings about auspiciousness.” This mantra is a sacred chant associated with the deity Tara — a revered figure in Tibetan Buddhism.

Tara Mangalartha, the 12th Tara

Tara Mangalartha (Drölma Tashi Dönjema) is the twelfth Tara, depicted as a peaceful and golden yellow goddess. Seated serenely on her lotus flower with her auspicious infinity knot.

Her attributes include:

Bringing timely seasons and ensuring the balance of natural elements.

Promoting the health of children.

Extinguishing fires and stopping floods.

Harmonizing the elements to maintain equilibrium.

A stream of cooling energy of love and wisdom emanates from her body and the infinity knot — dispelling negativity and overcoming anxiety. Yellow or Golden Tara is also associated with abundance and fertility.

She is the embodiment of the divine feminine and her mantra has become the world’s collective prayer for the harmony and balance of our climate.

Tara Mangalartha Mantra — Prayer for Climate Balance

Tārā Tashi Dönjema is both a Buddhist and Hindu deity personified as the star guiding sailors under night skies. Her symbolism in sacred texts incorporate inner light, spiritual guidance, and liberation — dispelling mental darkness.

Vedic tradition provides each divinity with its own vehicle to covey aid for their devotee. Tārā navigates her boat to transport drowning beings to safety ashore. The bodhisattva (enlightened being), ferries mortals via the metaphysical vessel of Dharma teachings and the symbolic vessel of Tara’s boat.

Tara Mandala

Recite the mantra — repeated at least 21 times, and imagine the universe and its inhabitants merging into light. Absorb that light into you as Tārā Tashi Dönjema.

Dissolving into a golden yellow sphere containing the moon disc, mantra, and seed syllable — until all is bathed in luminous emptiness and soaks into the void.

Set the intention in mantra practice to fill up to overflowing with healing light that transmutes and blankets the whole planet. Immerse in this spacious awareness — floating and floating — ever free and at rest.

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