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Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readNov 21, 2020

Science and spirituality can be quite surreal when dealing with reality as revealed by quantum physics and the Buddha’s teachings on Oneness. We truly are each co-creator with and in the universe.

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Never have we been more polarized in any and all aspects of our lives, stretching bounds to breaking point. In a continuous feedback loop of infinite creativity the dreamer is the dream and witnessing the dream changes it.

The revelation of the dream state is the true nature of humanity — as connected and collective. The hardest of hard sciences shows us we can dream up the highest possibility if we set our minds to it — literally and figuratively.

Being unaware creates trance states that cause disassociation and leads to collective madness. Just witness our current state of divisiveness across the world — what other proof do we need?

As conscious awareness influences how the dream manifests, we can actually dream ourselves awake.

We all have our own individual inner guidance that is always here with and for us.

We do have to learn to listen before we can energetically express inner insight into outer manifestation.

We have whatever it takes to heal ourselves but do we want this enough to achieve it?

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