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Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readMay 3, 2020


In conversation with some dear friends recently, a question was posed.

#DailyTuning from Scotty

Among our cozy group we ran the gamut from predictable beloved family and friends — dead or alive — to pre-creation void and meet my Creator options. My personal favorite was the choice to sit in silence and enjoy the view.

Hudson River trail walk

I am reminded of the Vedic tradition of yadna — a ceremony or ritual of sacred fire. Mantras are usually chanted with offerings of oblation and libation for a variety of purposes — worship, devotion, sacrifice, etc.

George Washington Bridge & NYC in the distance

Whether to remove a burden or obstacle, or to give a prayer or blessing — all is cleansed in holy flames and released to the ether. Sent off to space, back to the cosmos, out into the universe — in the hope of maintaining or spreading good will.

my bench by the Hudson River, Edgewater NJ

More than our limited words or bound imaginations — silence encompasses so much and with such depth. Instead of expressing or voicing out care or concern — we surrender and release in peace.

Breathing in, breathing out. We return to center and find our natural rhythm. Refreshed, revitalized and in tune with life.

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