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Today February 20 we are blessed by a new moon in Pisces — signaling a time filled with emotion, creative breakthroughs, and fantastical energy. This new moon will make us feel like we’re living in a movie.

On February 18, the sun enters Pisces — the last sign in the zodiac, signaling unity, merging and letting go. It was also Maha Shivaratri — a sacred day celebrating the convergence of Shiva and Shakti — the masculine and feminine energies which balance the world.

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On February 20, it’s the new moon in Pisces as Venus enters Aries on the same day. An auspicious time for artistic people in particular to accomplish great things on a stellar scale.

Ideal for meditation and contemplation — self-discipline is conducive, expressing emotional experiences becomes clearly communicable. Allowing us to listen and absorb more with less chatter and clutter.

The energy we’re getting from this new moon in Pisces is a bit different from previous years — mainly because it carries the energy of Saturn, the planet of karma.

As we urbanize and modernize may we continue to keep serene pockets of sanity to sustain and support us. Integrating healing modalities to nourish us better in these more challenging times.

Our bodies emit their own unique vibrational field — each organ and cell with its own resonance. As sensory beings we can avail of these sound frequencies to help clear energetic blockages, re-balance our bodies, and achieve a state of ease and harmony.

Allowing the magic of healing sound to embrace our being. Embarking on our own personal journey of sound healing only requires an open heart and a willing spirit.

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