The day after Donald Trump took his oath of office as the 45th president of the Unites States of America, the whole world took to the streets in the Women’s March.

Pussy hats at the Women’s March protest

Across the country, organizers planned 248 marches in all 50 states. Set to take place on the same day as the main event in Washington, D.C. It was the largest coordinated protest in U.S. history and one of the largest in world history.

hot pink protester

Five million strong, diverse individuals and groups on all seven continents came together to stand and be counted. Answering a call to those who believe in a world that is equitable, tolerant, just and safe for all.

Market Street to Embarcadero SFO Women’s March — 20 Jan 2018 (Ryan Levi/KQED)

Contrary to all the propaganda, it is a nonpartisan event aimed at advancing the human agenda. Expanding family leave, ending racial profiling, and maintaining or broadening access to abortion and birth control, among other issues.

Mimik Protest Dolls

Protest signs, pussy hats, chanted taunts and all — it was a dark and despairing time for many of us. It was overwhelming to imagine how lone individuals could stand up against a government backed agenda — unfair as it is.

Sample Stitches embroidery book

Sisters took to the streets. Families and friends came along. Protesting loud and clear. For all to hear — far and near.

One of three “vagina knot” women designed & sewn by Joy Dabao Akeley

“Symbolism is incredibly important to social movements. For many people, and especially for many women who prior to this election weren’t necessarily engaged in activism, this is playing a really important role in promulgating these ideas and empowering people to make a change.” ~ Sarah J. Jackson, an assistant professor of communication studies at Northeastern University.

On a recent visit to a cousin of mine we commiserated over the fate of our nation as we discussed our island roots and family history.

She is an accomplished home maker and skilled crafter whose specialty is quilting and hand stitched embroidery. She showed me these amazing pieces of work she had poured all her disillusion and protest into. Her way of coming to terms with all that the women’s’ marches had stirred up.

detailed close up of “vagina knot”

I choose to call it creative channeling. Isn’t that what art is about? The stimulation of senses that stir an individual’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs or ideas.

free form stitching used

Isn’t the best way to work out a challenge to express it in as creative a manner as possible? It sure beats feeling sorry and impotent.

vibrant colors & fine stitches

My cousin’s beautifully executed creative expression of her angst came in the form of a new embroidery stitch she refers to as the “vagina knot”. It is done in the style of the traditional French knot. Except that instead of a knotted stitch she sewed two lengths that formed into a “V”.

Genius if you ask me. Being an avid stitch bitch I wish I had thought of this myself.

May we all be inspired in as many unique and countless ways to stand up and be counted in the challenging times ahead.

Message of Social Responsibility — Kristy Whitlock

Originally published at on July 28, 2018.

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