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Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readSep 20


Potential does not come to fruition in barren territory — even at the price of blood, sweat and tears. What can be realized or fulfilled in a hostile environment that kills any spark?

Every fellow Filipino and freedom fighter accepts this in their core being. All throughout recorded history it has been the rough road our countrymen are tested with every day.

Even the best among us have to cushion ourselves and take succor from the horror and beating meted year in and year out.

multi-generational trauma of the Philippines

A people known for their spirit of warmth and hospitality whose life force slowly leaks away in a country of parasitic politicians of few exceptions.

Much is wasted to expend scarce resources and ill-gotten wealth on keeping the masses fat dumb and happy on short term extravaganzas and fiestas.

Instead of attending to the daily grind of educating and improving to sustain actions that serve, too much is diverted into carousing and chaos.

another anniversary & still no justice for the Philippines & Filipinos

While the one percent live large, even setting up foundations and missions to sustain communities in peril — much of it is done for vanity and personal gain still.

Meanwhile the poor are surviving under the most miserable conditions, purposely coerced, in the dark and left hungry.

Yet all too many manage to succeed — becoming beacons for others to attest and aspire to. Why opt for a few exceptions when this should be the standard for all and anyone?

Russel Brand at The Mind Academy

Every human being pays with blood, sweat and tears is this nation — stripped to the bone and left bare and barren by the cruel and greedy.
Enough of all this bad behavior and posturing! We the people cry out in rage and revulsion!

No more! Never again! You know who you are — we know what we all are. Time to be it in this world.

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