Philippine leadership

One thing our current Philippine administration is sadly lacking in the hands of this Marcos-Duterte tandem is accountability and transparency.

So much spending and borrowing under their helm — confidential funds, intelligence funds, wealth funds. Bleeding the country and its citizens dry — squeezing blood from stone.

They jet set around and party all the time — these shameless pretenders. They have never had any standing or heritage to be proud of — until they came to power in dirty politics.

Leni Robredo & accountable leadership

They are so lacking in essence and substance — they truly believe they can throw our money and their influence around to cover their tracks. In the dark before they fall asleep — what is their last thought?

The Oxford Dictionary defines leadership as “the action of leading a group of people or an organization.”

Simply defined, leadership is about taking risks and challenging the status quo. Leaders motivate others to achieve something new and better.

Leaders are people who are known for their beliefs and work ethics. A leader is passionate about their work, and they pass on their enthusiasm to their fellow workers, enabling them to achieve their goals.

another courageous woman stands up for the truth

Unfortunately, this are not qualities the Marcos-Duterte party possess or exhibit. They posture and pontificate with pomp and pride — only calling attention to their empty words and ballooned egos.

At a dire time in the history of the Philippines, they run around like headless chickens seeking fame and glory instead of applying themselves to the work that needs to be done in service of the nation and its people.

They cannot seem to get their act together for the barest minimum required of their job positions. No amount of manipulation and grand standing can cover up their disastrous lack of leadership.

Maria Ressa speaks truth to power on Stephen Cobert’s show

Instead they waste time, effort, and valuable resources building themselves up in public as they perpetuate graft and corruption.

They act like two-bit players in their own lives — low-grade actors in a bad movie. When their terms are over they will walk away with so much more that this country or its people.

This is the sad and sorry truth of their existence and that of the folks they preside over.

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