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Bhakti Issa Urra
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Back before time, there was nothing all around. There was only the void — no space, no thought, no sound — nothing but emptiness, everything suspended in darkness.

Nothing and everything touched, bumped, rubbed together, blew apart. Causing a huge explosion, and the universe began.

In the giant blast our world was formed. A primordial planet filled with a great sea of water, above it stretched the vast sky.

This happened so long ago its origins are lost to us. With all our advancement and knowledge we know not where our gods originated. Although their presence and and consequence in our lives are undeniable.

Kaptan — supreme god of the sky and life. Maguayan — beloved god of the water and death. Deities that were all knowing and all pervasive, formless, and boundless.

Soon came a daughter, whom they called Lidagat, the sea. Then they had a son, known as Lihangin, the wind. The sea and the wind grew, becoming close and tight partners in everything.

When the wind blew, he skimmed the waves of his sister. When the sea rolled, she rode the breezes of her brother. Together they formed four others.

Licalibutan, the earth — was made of rock which made him strong and brave.

Liadlao, the sun was golden — always happy and bright.

Libulan, the moon was made of copper — dim and soft, he was weak.

Lisuga, the light, had a body of pure silver — so beautiful and sweet, she was gentle.

MAGUAYAN by Kael Molo from AGLA The Graphic Novel

For a time they all played happily together. Eventually, Lihangin died and bestowed control of the winds to Licalibutan. Lidagat soon passed away, leaving the others orphaned and bereft. Kaptan and Maguayan returned to protect and take care of them.

Licalibutan, proud of his power over the winds, soon grew boastful — so full of himself. He plotted with the men to mount an attack on Kaptan in the sky above. The three warriors rushed at the sky, but they could not succeed. No matter how mightily they bore down and beat forward, they all failed.

Licalibutan let loose the strongest winds and blew in every direction. The other two rushed into the opening, but were met by the angry god Kaptan. Against the fierce and terrible force, they backed off and ran away in terror.

Licalibutan — earth elemental creature

Kaptan, furious at the havoc wreaked in his haven and sanctuary, targeted three bolts of lightning at his attackers. The first struck the copper Libulan and melted him into a ball. The second struck the golden Liadlao and compressed him too. The third bolt struck Licalibutan, breaking his rock body into several pieces that fell into the sea. Huge chunks of his body rose above the water, forming habitable land.

The gentle Lisuga missed her brothers and went to look for them. She went toward the sky, but as she approached Kaptan, still blind with anger, struck her with all his power. As lightning blasted her silver body, it shattered into thousands of brilliant pieces that burst apart to fill the night sky.

Kaptan descended from the sky and tore the sea apart, calling on Maguayan. Accusing the water element of ordering the attack on the sky. Maguayan appeared, knowing nothing of the plot, since she had been asleep at the bottom of the sea. She somehow managed to calm the raging Kaptan.

AGLA cover art by Kael Molo

Together they wept at the loss of their grandchildren, especially the gentle and beautiful Lisuga. With all their power, they were unable to restore their dead to life. They did manage to bestow on each a bright light that would shine forever.

So it was that golden Liadlao that became our daytime sun. The copper Libulan turned into our nighttime moon. While Lisuga and her thousands of pieces of silver shone as the stars in the sky.

To wicked Licalibutan the gods gave no light, but resolved to make his body support a new race of people. Kaptan gave Maguayan a seed to plant on the new land — the former parts of Licalibutan’s huge body.

Sicalat & Sicabay — art by Nestor Redondo

Soon a bamboo tree grew there and from the hollow of its main branch the first man and first woman emerged. The man’s name was Sicalac, and the woman was called Sicabay — the parents of the human race. This was how the world came to be and were soon peopled.

The sun and moon shine in the sky and the beautiful stars light up the night. All over the land, on the body of the envious Licalibutan, the children of Sicalac and Sicabay grow and prosper in great in numbers.

May they live forever in peace and shared love — careful not to become agents of destruction.

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