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Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readOct 14, 2020


Feeling frazzled? Easily triggered? More forgetful? Don’t let this scare or worry you.

In truth our brain is evolving — working out new pathways of consciousness — it is being rewired. While the old ways are being abandoned — the new ways are still being discovered or formed — we feel the gap and lack more.

be like sea glass

The sensation is temporary — it’ll pass. In the meantime here’s a breathing exercise to help you along.

At your own pace breathe in for five counts, pause for two, then release the breath in seven counts. Repeat this cycle until you feel your heartbeat slow down and your whole being relax deeply.

When any of our deepest needs and desires are repressed, their energy turns against us, causing low self-confidence, depression, anger, fear, jealousy, delusion, obsession. Since Scorpio is the sign of death, transformation and rebirth, these feelings can and should be released, redeemed and re-birthed. ~ Cathy Pagano

The Shaman’s Cave — Death & Dissolution

At The Shaman’s Cave, Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman speak to death and dissolution as part of nature’s cycle. As part of nature, whatever the land we live on is experiencing, also affects our body — as we are connected and at one with the land.

If this were our regular practice, harmony could prevail in our life as harmonious energies flood the collective. Join in and experience merging with the earth where you live on a regular basis and redesigning your life to be in the flow of your environment.

fall foliage — photo by Bob Stefco

It is an important part of our self care that we attend to our body’s needs and our soul’s desires. Whatever keeps us focused on love and light in times of confusion and trauma.

Finding whatever it takes that works best for all of us, now more than ever. Then hopefully we are better able to shift the current collective towards supporting a better way of life. One that is more sustainable — in ways of living that honor and accept all beings in nature, not just humans.

Be well and care for each other.

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