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Bhakti Issa Urra
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With the publication and launch of my coloring book, Mandala Cycles, I circle back to the cause and inspiration that led to its creation initially.

Within its intricate circular patterns, there are common symbols throughout mandalas. Traditionally, they depict an abstract form of Buddha Mind.

Most common sacred symbols are the wheel, tree, flower, or jewel. At its center the dot — representing being free of dimensions. The starting point, the beginning of contemplation, and devotion to the divine.

coloring book art by Issa Urra — image by MayeeFab

From there, the center expands outward — lines and geometrical patterns symbolize the universe. All these encompassed by the outer circle — representing the cyclical nature of life.

The eight spoked wheel as an artistic rendition of a perfect universe. The eight spokes represent the Eightfold Path of Buddhism — the practices that lead to liberation and rebirth.

Bells or chimes are used to signify the beginning and end of a meditation session or sacred ritual in many traditions. They represent an openness and emptying of the mind to allow wisdom and clarity to emerge.

Mandala #9 by Issa Urra

Triangles and how they are positioned hold several meanings. When facing upward, they represent action and energy. When facing downward, they represent creativity and the pursuit of knowledge.

The lotus flower is a sacred symbol — the symmetry of its petals depict balance. As a lotus reaches up from under the mud and water into the light so too do we humans long for spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

The sun is also popular in modern mandala patterns — to represent the center of the universe. Often evoking Source, life, and energy.

mandala art by Issa Urra

Mandalas have grown in popularity as a meditative element for a variety of different cultures. Indigenous, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Pagan, New Age and many more have embraced this symbol and incorporated it into many practices and ceremonies.

As a representation of the universe and a guide on the path to enlightenment. We’ve since seen the geometric design appear in yoga studios, dream catchers, healing circles, and other contemplation and reflection.

Creating and focusing on mandalas is a transformative practice intended to restore inner peace and kindle wisdom within.

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