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Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readFeb 10, 2023

Our bodies often store in our cells and DNA what our thoughts are unable to process as thoroughly — yet are able to pass through for generations.

Leaving us often at the effect of and hence affected by history — much of which we are no longer aware of.

It is beneficial then to open pathways to build and access this energetic field for deconstruction of what we inherit into a creation of our own true self.

A great way to achieve this would be by expressing ourselves through story. There are a variety of options in which we can choose to do so. Whether we keep it private and intimate or make a public declaration is truly up to each of us.

Journaling, automatic writing, memoir, storytelling, song, performance, expressive art, therapy — the list is endless.

Finding the methodology to access and activate aspects of ourselves that have been culturally exiled — whether within our families or in our communities — liberates us. To acknowledge and embrace our personal power is our birthright.

Storytelling serves as one of life’s primary teaching and learning tools — as well as a step toward discovery, perception, contemplation, or realization. The use of phenomenology — our lived experience — ignites the inner wisdom stored within each of our bodies.

This need not be limited to the physical body either — since we are all sensate beings, perceiving life through all our senses. This is the incredibly magical journey we are on!

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