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Bhakti Issa Urra
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Autumn Equinox or Mabon is a psychological reset — a time to balance the energies of summer against the energies of winter — life cycling to death. It’s a time to center and ground ourselves as we move into the dark time of the year — a time to go within and nurture our inner lives.

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What have we learned to harvest since the Spring Equinox — the astrological new year? How will that harvest nurture us over the winter? What can we use and plant into our soul’s soil for next year?

With Mercury’s recent retrograde, it is best to return to the beginning to see if we have fulfilled its requirements. To determine what kind of growth we have worked on and how we have progressed as a result.

The autumn equinox season begun with the Virgo new moon September 14 and 15 — although the Sun doesn’t arrive at Libra until September 23. This Virgo new moon will grow into the Aries full moon on September 29.

With this shift in the lunar cycle one sign gives birth to the next full moon opposition — transitioning through different energies to weave together new insights.

The Virgo new moon symbolizes our spiritual ancestry — our soul’s history and gifts, our true nature as embodied Spirit. When we embrace our spiritual essence we take up this royal coat and live in our world responsibly.

What gifts did you come into the world with? How are you sharing them? What do you love and how do you manifest this?

With the harvest full moon in Aries on September 29 our feelings and ideas need to be shared in an open and balanced way. Use imagination instead of falling into delusion to bring the truth in our hearts into our relationships.

What divine revelation will have you received in your meditations? How can you reveal and share them most effectively? Time to clear up past doubts and insecurities — a blessed equinox to all!

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