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Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readNov 9, 2020


I gave myself Friday, Saturday and Sunday to revel in the US election turnout. YAY Biden/Harris team! Good riddance Trump/Pence cabal.

I gloried in the joy of the Kamala Harris win most of all. As a woman. As a mother of my daughter. As an American. An Asian American. An immigrant. A rebel. A change warrior.

I had the great satisfaction of being happy and hopeful once again. Not having to self talk or convince myself that things will be alright. Just being immersed in the joy and delight of what if and all its possibilities.

All of which I was beginning to doubt as highly unlikely in the shadow of a Trumpian world — the all consuming, morally rudderless, egotistical clown bus, careening out of control.

A disconsolate America, divided and divisive, angry and anxious, righteous and rebelling. Out of work and out in the streets — marching in support of our advocacies and in resistance to all that was wrong going on. Cooped up in our shrinking interiors — glued to the latest updates and loathing that they reflect back a world without reason and accountability, integrity or truth.

Turning against each other when we were needing each others collaboration and support. Vile and vicious where kindness and compassion were called for. Where the voiceless were abandoned and unheard by the powers that ruled supreme and unapologetic.

In truth we have devolved so far in the past four years that humanity no longer comes first — our biodiversity does because with its collapse we are all threatened. Even now we are at risk and it is uncertain that we are able to turn things around in order to survive.

Even so, with the world far from perfect — before, during or after Trump — the fact that it is no longer in his greedy clutches is a good place to be. Right now it is enough.

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