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Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readSep 15, 2020

The past decade has liberated me — bringing final closure to a cycle that took longer than I ever imagined and invested more energy than expected.

Sand Dunes and Moon by Regimantas Cieška

This last year of accumulation, accreditation, and study has served me well. It has fattened and filled my spirit. A fat moon full and filled with new understanding and a deepened consciousness. So big it bursts open to spill over. Rich with magic and resources, with offerings and boons — for all to witness and enjoy.

Where I risk all — holding nothing back, without reservation — I hoard what comes, closely guarding these abundant gifts intimately. Mindful and reserved as I absorb each organically by osmosis. Only when it is fully integrated within me do I start the process of emanating and radiating.

Song for the Elements

This for me is the best way to share what I love and release it out into the world. Emulating and inspiring reciprocity, as my true teachers have shared most generously with me. From them I choose to repeat the right way to share with others — mindful and responsible with both giver and receiver.

Love and care are renewable, and energy is never destroyed — yet all too easily this energy work can be depleted and run dry. Conscious and accountable I put my self care first and above all others. Since it is on me to protect my own well even as I fill it for others too.

Dance like everybody is watching by Supaman

Our soul is spiritually ambitious in ways our body is not always aligned with. It serves us most to listen to both and balance their connection with loving kindness. Therein lies true well being.

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