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Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readAug 3, 2023


In our mind’s eye it is easy to imagine Benjamin Franklin — a founding father of the United States of America — as old, fat, balding or how he is often depicted in his official and public portraits.

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It is easy to forget what an original human being and forward thinker he was — a true polymath and Rennaissance man. Long before his political career launched him into the stratosphere in history and politics — he lived a singularly unique life that attracted attention to himself and his exploits.

Among Americas best and brightest — Benjamin Franklin only had two years of formal education. Despite being almost entirely self taught he was a hit writer by his teen years and remained a successful author — much sought after for his original ideas and insights.

He founded one of the first volunteer firefighting companies in America. He printed a new currency for New Jersey based on innovative anti-counterfeiting techniques he had devised.

Benjamin Franklin was many things in his lifetime — a printer, a postmaster, an ambassador, an author, a scientist, a Founding Father. Above all, he was an inventor — creating solutions to common problems, innovating new technology, and even making life a little more musical.

Benjamin Franklin’s legacy of lifelong learning lives on at The Franklin Institute with its mission to help people understand science and technology to empower through critical thinking and decision making.

The institute also participates in and advocates for the free exchange of evidence-based, peer-reviewed scientific research and ideas — just as its founding father dedicated his life to.

May we continue to build on this foundation and be active and generous contributors as well.

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