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Imbolc is a celebration that has thrived for centuries and has been passed down from generation to generation in different parts of the world. It has existed since the tenth century and holds great importance in the lives of many — linked to the fertility of land and livestock.

Imbolc welcomes the first wave of spring

Imbolc is observed on this day when people strengthen their connection with the world of nature and pray for a fertile land to produce plenty of crops the entire year. The best part about this occasion is that even if the history and practice surrounding the event is not ours, we can’t resist the amazing celebration that takes place.

Here we are in seed time, dream time, looking for the cracks of light that tell us to stretch out and grow. We are invited to consider this possibility: What if there is nothing wrong? What if there is no too slow? What if we live a miracle every single day and we don’t have to earn it?

full moon & lantern festival 2023

As the first shoots of tentative growth begin to lift and we sense the beginning sparks of possibility — of new ways of being — we may feel the itch to create a lengthy to-do list for a new year. Resist and sit, curled and waiting. Uncover what is enough.

Not in the sense of playing too small, but the kind of enough that allows our hearts to expand and our shoulders to loosen — that allows creativity to blaze and joy to bloom. The kind of enough that opens space in our lives to hold ourselves and our seed dreams.

Alive Heart © Sigita Mockute (Psigidelia) 2021 @psigidelia

Darkness and silence can hold both the sparks of our dreams and the embers of our hopes. We are our own seeds of promise. ~ Molly Remer © Mother Tongue Ink 2022 #mollyremer

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