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Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readAug 13, 2023

We sure are being tested this August — best to harness all the spiritual power and heart centered support we can muster. Can we keep our fiery, knee-jerk reactions in check — especially when triggered? Staying cool in this August heat wave takes willpower and discipline plus lots of emotional support.

Between two super full moons bookending the month as well as both Mercury and Venus going into retrograde — it may be a good time to retreat and lie low for now. Maybe even go off the grid and be out into nature.

twin full moons & dual retrogrades magnify fiery energies

Definitely take a break from being online for a digital detox. Head into your personal laboratory to experiment and explore. Away from the prying eyes and nosy phonies. Relieve any pressure — physical or virtual. Create a pocket sanctuary to restore clarity and balance.

Leo is the sun’s home sign — motivating all zodiac signs to bravely open up their hearts and shine! Shine! SHINE! The Venus Star Point of August 13 may present some breakthroughs around values, relationships, and more.

With the sun and Venus squaring off with wild-child Uranus may also take us by surprise with a sudden change of heart. The new moon in Leo on August 16 brings opportunity to set heartfelt intentions and plant the seeds for future passion projects.

Keep in mind that the sun and moon will be in alignment with Venus retrograde during this lunation. Listen to your intuition when it comes to any conflicts of passion that could lead to drastic changes in lifelong relationships.

The final month of summer ends in Virgo’s gentle down-to-earth energy — inspiring organization, productivity, and any efforts toward self-improvement. Virgo is also rules health and wellness — a fabulous time to check in on your daily habits and work on cleaning up routines.

Especially with mental Mercury going into retrograde on August 23 — keep careful attention on any logistical details. Assume that details, plans, and schedules may get a little messier than usual — allot some time and flexibility for this.

When high energy Mars enters harmony loving Libra territory on August 27 try fair compromise instead of confrontation or conflict. There is no need to be a people pleasing push over either. Keep clarity and balance at the forefront — always.

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