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Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readJan 14, 2024

Being back in this class with Sandra Ingerman is a much anticipated return home. Being amidst our community, our circle, and our work is a welcome homecoming.

I was first introduced to shamanic work back in 1985 when the Foundation for Shamanic Studies created by Michael Harner was still brand new, called something else, and was not known to many.

starting 2024 with the best intentions with Sandra Ingerman at The Shift Network

I experienced my first few journeys and eventually learned how to journey for myself as well as others. Then there was a few years of apprenticeship with my teacher before I started monthy shamanic circles for our different communities in the Philippines and the United States.

I am eternally grateful to Sandra for her workshops through the years that have sustained and supported me in my personal path and practice.

Shamanism is a way of life that feeds Spirit through direct revelation. Keeping the vessel cleansed and clear as best as possible is key to this ever evolving process.

I doubt I would have made it on my own with such powerful and empowering results. The guidance and commitment Sandra shares with us so generously is magnified and multiplied.

Plus what a rare find it is to gain a teacher that is the ideal fit to my aspirations and vision. Sandra has been that for me throughout these years.

The past year has been particularly trying for me. After 15 years living in the same neighborhood, I closed up my apartment, packed up my bags, and flew out of the country — to return to the tropics where I grew up.

It was a joyful return — different but full of potential and possibility. Some familiar, some brand new. Some encouraging, some not so. But mostly it worked out well in my case. Until my return once more to the US.

It no longer felt like home here. My situation had changed and become unrecognizable. I was living out of a closet or my suitcase. Lots of movement, motion, action yet it all felt untethered and lacking direction — or inspiration even. Too much interruption — stop, go, wait, rush.

After decades of purposeful intention, this felt like limbo. Having to get stuff done while waiting to move out once more. My homey Cancerian self was deeply affected and unmoored.

This class and circle we gather for has provided an anchoring block from which I can stand rooted and grounded. It is the home my spirit longs for in this transitory moment. I am most grateful for this safe sanctuary.

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