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Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readApr 20


Have our gadgets and devices developed bad social posture among us? Isolating in this pandemic could have made things even worse.

Many may want to get back in social shape — though the struggle is apparent. Have we forgotten how to hang out?

Virginia Woolf quote @eastwestwomen

Do we give oursleves permission to just drop by a friend’s house? Or are we hesitant to call someone without scheduling first? Do we just assume that everyone is super busy or totally planned out?

Do we think any second we are not being productive is a waste? Hanging Out by Sheila Liming is a call to fight against that drumbeat.

“I think of this as kind of like seizing time and taking it back from where it’s been stolen from us — and that includes the work day that has just extended beyond all means of rationality. . . . Hanging out is productive, and the thing that it produces is our relationships with each other. . . . Take off your coats. Pull up a chair. Grab yourself a beverage. Hang out for a bit.”

the radical power of killing time

Are we challenged to unplug? Do we need help finding our inner slacker? Maybe we have lost the art of hanging out? That’s no reason not to try though.

Who knows what can happen? We could surprise ourselves.

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