festive feasting

We had great fun celebrating with friends and family for Thanksgiving at Edgewater, New Jersey. The weather was gorgeous, and the food superbly sumptuous. Gobble! Gobble!

all set & ready for our feast

Our gaggle of women were well balanced — three elders and three youngsters sharing in lively thought-provoking conversation. What more could we ask for?

A mother, an aunt, her sister — a child, a niece, a guest. It was a good mix of Asian women having a fabulous time together.

enjoying our Thanksgiving sunset

Even with a load of Debbie Downer news we were still able to laugh about it heartily. Whoever claims a harsh truth cannot be approached with open hearted cheer needed to be there to enjoy it with us.

The elders coming from having been there, done that — no cynicism, just teachable personal moments. The youngsters jumping in with what they loved, loathed, and questioned.

our colorful table setting

We discussed it all — life in NYC, travel, studies, perspectives, parents, past, future, politics, beliefs, etc. Diverse and engaged opinions — spoken with conviction, yet open to input. Healthy and happy talky talks.

This is the true spirit of celebrating the holidays with friends and strangers. In a circle filled with light and love. Happy Thanksgiving to us all!

our lovingly prepped & sumptuous feast

Originally published at http://changewarrior.blogspot.com.



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