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Bhakti Issa Urra
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In a recent episode of The Shamans Cave, the phrase energetic signature started an entire way of thinking about what energy we put into the web of life.

We are all woven into the web of life when we are born. Every single one of us has a different energetic signature that we actually add. Bringing beauty and brilliance as we contribute our uniqueness — adding it into the mix in the world we come to live in.

living to be not just do

Nobody has the same energetic signature. In our current culture though — instead of honoring our uniqueness we are induced to fit in — rather than embracing and loving our own unique energetic signature.

Follow a lineage back to our own ancestors and see how that energetic footprint contributes to our life today and what we are leaving behind for our descendants to step into as well.

discussing energetic signatures on The Shamans Cave

Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman generously share this valuable conversation and insights with us.

They create true alchemy as they speak to the different aspects and facets of how we express our individual energetic signature.

How important it is as it adds to all of life.

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