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Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readMay 30, 2023

Memorial Day in the US this year also falls on International Day of Peacekeepers, May 29. As we celebrate armed forces and deployed troops around the world may we aim as well for the day when our peacekeeping involves more actual peace rather than having to impose it.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of UN Peacekeeping on Thursday, 25 May. In 1948, the historic decision was made to deploy military observers to the Middle East to supervise the implementation of Israel-Arab Armistice Agreements, in what became the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization.

Since that time, more than two million peacekeepers from 125 countries have since served in 71 operations around the world. Today, 87,000 women and men are serving in 12 conflict zones across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

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The 2023 theme is, Peace Begins with Me — recognizing the contribution and efforts of UN peacekeepers alongside many partners including the communities they serve to secure peace and progress.

To celebrate we are posting this sweet collection of WWII naked soldiers — capturing their joy and innocence as well as the beauty and strength of their bodies and spirit.

These rare photographs show another side of warfare. Moments of relief, where men who were barely out of their teenage years got through daily life with the support of friendships made both on the front line and in moments of down time.

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Click through some of these beautiful images from the collection, My Buddy. World War II Laid Bare published by Taschen, a second edition.

May we care better for our brave troops all over the world who have dedicated themselves to support and keep us safe — and who pay the deadly cost many of us are unable or unwilling to.

Together, may we all care better for ourselves and our world — always.

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