birthdays & birthrights

Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readSep 2, 2022


Birth — the act or process of bearing or bringing forth. It is a beginning — a portal to our human journey. Is life measured by benchmarks throughout our lives or is it meant to unfold as we live and breathe?

Mahala & I a decade ago

As Abraham Lincoln is said to have said — in the end it’s not the years in life that count, it’s the life in our years that do.

We’Moon Journal — July 2022

In this spirit then — what is our approach to life? celebration? confirmation? tradition? obligation? Perception is based on opinion. Opinion is based on thoughts. Thoughts come from the mind. Change your mind. Change your life.

We’Moon Journal — September 2022

September 1 is Mahala’s birthday and my labor day. Twin celebrations that have brought us a world of joy that expands and deepens with each unfolding year.

masked up for Omicron 2022

Who knows what this new orbit brings? Hopefully lots more years enjoying each other’s company!

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