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Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readNov 30, 2022

The Antares Stargate is amazingly high vibrational energy to work with. Every year, from December 2 to 4, the Sun aligns with Antares, activating and unlocking the Antares Stargate Portal.

Antares is the guardian of the western sky — it is believed to be the resting place for souls after they leave the body.

Antares is the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpius

The supergiant Antares is the bright orange heart of the scorpion. It is much brighter, heavier, and larger than the Sun.

In it took the Sun’s place it would extend beyond the asteroid belt — engulfing the four innermost planets — including Earth.

Use the power of the Antares Stargate Portal to connect closely with our senses, consider the places our emotions take us, and let instinct guide our intuition.

The energy of Antares can be an impressive beacon for an existence filled with more passion, pleasure, and purpose.

When the Sun crosses Antares, it is our opportunity to honor our journey, let go of regrets, and to celebrate the love we have received and achieved.

Antares is easy to find in the night sky because it huddles quite close to the Moon. It appears in the south at nightfall and sets in the wee hours of the morning.

Lunar occultations of Antares are fairly common depending on the 18.6-year cycle of the lunar nodes. The last cycle ended in 2010 and the next begins in 2023.

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