America in siege

I don’t believe in coincidences. Yesterday’s breach of the Capitol is a day that will go down in infamy. That it happened on the Feast of the Epiphany is no true revelation.

Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readJan 7, 2021


A victorious Trump in 2016 was terrible enough but this loser Trump is choosing to exit in as vile a way as he is capable of. Heaven forbid he be the sacrificial lamb to a slaughter of his own instigation — a coup attempt.

Our nation owes much to these courageous Senate aides who kept the electoral votes safe.

“Whatever place we now live in is not the same place it was on Nov. 7. No matter how the rest of the world looked at us on Nov. 7, they will now look at us differently. We are likely to be a pariah country.” ~ Neal Gabler, 2016

Since there is no way this Epiphany 2021 is ever returning us to Ordinary Time, Trump has chosen to exit in a flaming ball of fury. As he cowered in the safety of a desecrated White House, his tweets incited his mob on the Capitol, turning them into domestic terrorists.

Chaos at the Capitol, 7 January 2021

Historians may determine that it [Nov 7, 2016] was the date America’s second civil war began. By that perspective, just as the first Civil War was the last gasp of slavery, this second is very likely the last gasp of aging white Americans — their full-throated death rattle against an America that they detest for having changed so dramatically the traditions and power structures by which those whites had lived. ~ Neal Gabler, 2021

The timely documentary “Down to Earth

As our nation’s Capitol was trashed yesterday I chose to turn off the crazed media coverage and opted instead for this calming documentary, aptly titled, “Down to Earth.” Breaking away from the day’s horrors and joining this young family on a journey to find the true Keepers of the Earth.

If you want to defeat Trump where it really counts, live ethically. The rest will follow. As Martin Luther King memorably said, paraphrasing Theodore Parker, “ The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

America all tattered & torn. US Map by Mina De LaO/Getty Images

Or so we tell ourselves as we stay hopeful in this seriously damaging time.

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