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Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readNov 29, 2020


Many of us are looking forward to the end of this challenging year of horror. Even with the virus still raging out of control we find ourselves more hopeful with the advent of the holidays.

This time last year few of us were aware or alerted to the news of COVID-19. None of us ever foresaw how far and deep the devastation would affect us all around the world. Yet as our world crumbled around us many resorted to more inspired ways of being.

homey Advent candles

Much as we love the holidays, Christmas tends to lose its magic and charm as we grow older. Participating in Advent may bring back that awe and wonder our younger selves enjoyed so well.

The rituals and traditions associated with Advent are both ancient and fluid. Churches have observed Advent for centuries, but each congregation and individual may participate in different ways.

Many light candles each Sunday, telling a different part of the Christmas story leading up to Christ’s birth.

Isaiah 9:2

Advent is a gift. A time to behold the wonders of this expectant time of year. Embracing the themes of hope, joy and preparation we feel God more tangibly in his message of love and salvation and the birth of Christ.

Advent invites us to slow down and enjoy the hope and miracle that each day of life brings us. Instead of overeating, traveling, stockpiling — we fill our deepest interior with a holy presence.

We reset our internal watch to God’s time. We listen to the divine within instead of the constant barrage of buy, buy, buy.

Hope springs eternal in us

Honoring this time reminds us of the lessons in waiting, the joy in anticipation, the pricelessness of hope.

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