a life of lies

Bhakti Issa Urra
2 min readNov 7, 2021

The delusion being imposed on Filipino voters [and played on the world stage] — by the political machinery driving yet another Marcos campaign — is both pathetic and scary.

We had the sheer luck of escaping a world order of Trump and his Trumpians only because his man-baby ego driven persona is so huge as to be his own giant obstacle.

masked & distanced

This too is the sad and silly story behind the Marcos machinations and maneuverings to get their lone male heir to win back glory days in politics and erase their bloody history.

Decades of cover ups — backed by local and foreign governments and supported by blind loyalists and paid promoters — have only added to an ever growing shit pile.

lost in a maze of delusions

What do they care, right? They live cushioned and cocooned in their tight cordon sanitaire of yes folks who kowtow to their every whim. Removed and isolated from all and any semblance of reality — fortified and amplified in their own Kool-Aid diet of I, me, myself.

This is the empty husk — rattling around in his made up bubble — who has been trying to ran and win in yet another election. This time the pretender to the throne is going for broke — aiming for the office of president of the Philippines.

scam artist scum for life

Poor pee baby will probably demand a recount too — just like Trump and just like he has already done as vice president wannabe. That thank God is all they are getting — big time losers that they are.

Our world is safe. . . .for now.

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