For Filipino Americans who survived the yoke of the Marcoses’ conjugal kleptocracy and dictatorship, September 11 dredges up too many dark and devastating horrors.

On his 104th birth anniversary, the scourge that is Ferdinand Marcos may be long dead. Yet his wife and spawn remain a Philippine treat and bleeding canker. Living on to perpetuate their entitled fantasies, empowered by all their ill-gotten wealth and boundless greed.

Even now, the Marcos minions are relentless in their fanatic frenzy to rewrite history in the name of their doomed dictator.

The failed and current president of the Philippines is one of them…

I love Virgo season — my only daughter and my college mentor are both born under the sign of Virgo. The Virgo archetype has the innate skills and ability needed to bring order to the chaos of creation.

Birthed from Leo — she takes the desires of our hearts, our gifts, talents, and unique self-expressions — and transforms them with her practical magic into something that can grow and thrive in our earth-based reality.

As an earth sign, Virgo also represents our physical embodiment, the sacred human vessel that we are, and helps us better understand this vessel’s relationship to…

Love it, hate it — New York City evokes extremes. Stunning senses and maxing us out with its all-out, in-your-face force and energy.

There’s a new rendition of the song, New York State of Mind. It’s got an impressive roster of top-notch celebrities and personalities singing snippets of the song against a backdrop of NYC’s five boroughs.

Created to help NYC get back on its feet — could they have done so with more care and consideration?

NYC is like a cat running out of its god given nine lives.

Hell bent on its dastardly “I’ll do it my way!”…

Back before time, there was nothing all around. There was only the void — no space, no thought, no sound — nothing but emptiness, everything suspended in darkness.

Nothing and everything touched, bumped, rubbed together, blew apart. Causing a huge explosion, and the universe began.

In the giant blast our world was formed. A primordial planet filled with a great sea of water, above it stretched the vast sky.

This happened so long ago its origins are lost to us. With all our advancement and knowledge we know not where our gods originated. …

This is the typical US news headline that causes people all over the world to love hating on Americans. Perpetuating the image of cluelessness sadly all too true of folks that fly by and think they know better.

Good God! What makes America think that just because they leave Afghanistan after 2 weeks of chaos and 20 years of war they purposely created they can announce the war is over and it will be so?

Not by a long shot buddy!

This is the type of deluded thinking that gets the US in trouble every time. Do you honestly think…

When a full moon takes place, we experience revelations and clarity, we reap the rewards of our efforts, and we witness the maturation of a cycle.

With the sun and moon in opposition, the Leo-Aquarius polarity is activated. The light of the sun sheds awareness on our inner world and our subconscious emotional dynamics.

The blue full moon in Aquarius brings a strong desire to make radical changes and reclaim our freedom and sovereignty. It is an invitation to make radically different choices to reshape the future and our reality.

Dominion embodies disastrous behavior

obscuring fundamental ecological truths

In the colonized mind, Indigenous people are savages

Savages are not people in the lands colonized

no people, no culture, no laws

nothing stands in the way

of taking and consuming

Colonial settler adamancy, like being racist

is structural and specifically targets

the erasure and elimination of the colonized

as people, as a living human, breathing and being

no people, no culture, no laws

nothing stands in the way

of need and greed


Civilized versus savage

the fundamental base for brainwash

the framework of every whitewash

of the colonial mindset


Vaccinated after a year in lockdown, I don’t know what I expected. More freedom? Relief from the stress of threat and loss? Release from tension or pressure? Worrying about myself, others, the world?

Was it too much to ask for? Any of it? All of it? What now?

Disappointed. Defeated. Deflated.

Lockdown was simpler and easier. Stay in. Isolate.

Build a healthy bubble. In a controlled environment.

Living alone made choices simple and easy. I only had myself to monitor and be accountable to. I set up my own standards of safety and happily focused on building a safe sanctuary…

Belief in giant monsters eclipsing the moon and efforts to frighten them away are widespread throughout the Orient. Found all over Asia — in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Mongolia, China and India — these ancient stories were spread through trade routes with the expansion of the earliest empires.

The folklore of Bisaya and Mandaya indigenous tribes of the Philippines tell different tales of a giant moon eating crab they call Tambanokano.

Tambanokano the crab was the colossal son of LiAdlao, the golden orb of our sun and LiBulan, the silver sprite of our moon. …

The world is full of pageantry — beauty in infinite forms, outrageously generous gifts — pouring out of the Earth. The planet’s bounty and harvest are our best gifts — its canopy of trees, the richness of our soils, the wilderness, its oceans — all creatures and elements of nature.

The human species is a part of all this, connected and never separate — even if we managed to have grown apart. The separateness, however real it feels — in our concrete cities and boxed up domiciles of convenience and comfort — is a manmade delusion.

The fluidity of our…

Bhakti Issa Urra

canvassing consciousness, constantly curious — ever challenged & changed

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