11:11 2022 portal

Number 11 starts a new cycle — giving us the opportunity to learn and to teach. A path has been traveled and wisdom added along the way. We are now in the twin position of master and apprentice.

11:11 is idealism doubled and 11 is a number that allows fearless dreams. This is manifested in extent of resilience, creative intensity, and passionate fervor with which we release our ideas out in the world.

numerology code 11:11

Hecate is the great Goddess of the Crossroads — the initiator into the mysteries of death and rebirth. At her triple crossroads magic happens. A blessing or curse — we will be challenged. What happens depends on what is held in the heart.

We curse ourselves when we let our fear of death stop us from making choices or changing. We step into blessings when we trust our choices and step onto our path. The choice is ours to make.

Veronese bronze statue of Hecate

That’s the point of a triple crossroads — choice is called for. Our world is at a crossroads — do we pick freedom or fear?

When the 11:11 portal opens — the Universe pushes us to become our best self, live our best life, and raise our vibration up the metaphysical ladder.

11:11 portal remains open until November 29

A need to jump start awakens within on the morning of 11:11. This is the Ascension portal — when the Universe pushes us past arguing for our limitations into the revelation and unfoldment of the greatest version of our self.

When the 11:11 gateway opens we begin a new energetic cycle. This time around we rebuild anew by applying the lessons we learned this year — leading up to this special date and continuing into 2023.

an electrical, mystical, transformational time

This is an ideal time to attract and embrace a new way of thinking and a new way of doing — become a new being. Coerced towards our destiny and the recognition of what truthfully matters to us.

Embrace it all with our heart, soul, and mind — aligned as one. November is special — it’s the month that each of us begins to find our True North. Happy 11:11 — make it count!

Originally published at http://diywellbeing.blogspot.com.



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